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   Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar

    “Catch the Reading Bug” with this exciting new short summer serial by Mary Maden!

Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar is the ideal summer serial story anytime, but especially this Summer!

This delightful serial is a perfect match to the 2008 Library Reading Theme selected by public libraries in over 40 states nationwide. What a great chance to partner with your local library!

The serial comes with a FREE Teacher’s Guide and an Ad. With the time and money you save, you can have a summer vacation too!

Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar has 8 chapters with 550 words exactly per chapter.

The serial has a suggested audience of 2nd grade and up. Read aloud all ages!

About the story…
Note: Reading the newspaper is part of the plot!

When a prank goes awry, 10 year-old Jamie finds himself in the middle of a flower garden––and in a whole lot of trouble! During summer vacation Jamie finds the wrong kind of excitement with his new friends, Billy and Josh. When the three boys race their bikes down a steep hill, Jamie lands in a “thorny” situation. He lands in Mrs. Garcia’s rose bush and ruins her flowers with his bike!

Mrs. Garcia, a former librarian of the “old school” persuasion, insists that Jamie make restitution by restoring the garden. Reluctantly, Jamie agrees.

While working in the garden, something amazing happens. Jamie finds a strange-looking caterpillar there. But this caterpillar is no ordinary bug––it’s a Reading Bug with a hidden talent!

Jamie discovers the caterpillar’s extraordinary talent while reading aloud. Wonder of wonders––the caterpillar begins to dance. The bug loves reading so much that it literally dances for joy!

But, Sidney’s joy is cut short when tragedy strikes! Billy sets out to catch the dancing caterpillar in a jar and in the process; Billy may have “accidentally” stepped on the bug!

Find out how both Sidney and Jamie go through a metamorphosis in this heartwarming serial story by award-winning, author Mary Maden!

Subject: Literacy; Responsibility; Family; Confidence; Friendship

Download Sample Chapters and Information Sheet for
Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Information Sheet



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