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   Petey's Secret Power

          “Be Creative in your NIE Program” with this exciting new short summer serial by Mary Maden!

Petey’s Secret Power is an ideal summer serial story and a perfect tie in with the 2009 summer reading theme––Be Creative––selected by libraries in over 40 states nationwide.

This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with your local library or reading association!

The serial has a suggested audience of 2nd grade and up. Read aloud all ages!

About the story…

There’s lots of excitement in the Big Forest because of the first annual Big Forest Creative Arts Festival and Extravaganza! All the animals are planning to enter the festival’s contest. The only rule is that the entrants showcase their creativity in some way. The most
creative will take the blue ribbon and first place.

Petey Squirrel wants badly to win the blue ribbon, but he doesn’t know what to do for the contest––he isn’t even sure if he has any creativity at all!  Come along on Petey’s exciting adventure as he searches high and low for his creativity and inspiration.

When Petey is given a special acorn with secret powers by Wise Old Owl, the little squirrel believes he is sure to win the contest. That is until his cousin Santos eats the special acorn! Don’t miss the surprise ending when Petey finds his “real” creativity.

Meet Bubba Bear’s Big Time Band, Honey Bee, Maurice Mouse, Frannie Fox, The Tree Top Trio and many more wonderful characters in this delightful serial story that will thrill readers of all ages.

Story Specifics:
• Story integrates Character Education, Arts Education and English Language Arts for fantastic Teacher
• Suggested reading level: 3rd grade and up. Read aloud for all ages.
• 8 chapters: 800 words precisely. No more, no less!
• Includes logo art and chapter art in beautiful color and black &white.
• Teacher’s Guide and Ad included FREE with your serial story!

Subject: Literacy; Responsibility; Family; Confidence; Friendship

Download Sample Chapters and Information Sheet for
Petey's Secret Power

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Information Sheet



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