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Freedom's Children
The Mystery of the Phantom Dog
The Mystery of Latham House
Legend of the Pony Tears
A Sea Turtle Story
The Great Manatee Rescue
Mystery of The Lost Colony
A Magical Beach Holiday
Dreams Come True
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Freedom's Children
      A New Serial’s Coming!... A New Serial’s Coming!...              

Freedom’s Children…A Thrilling Tale of our Nation’s Fight for Freedom!

                    Spies…Lies…and Thrilling Secret Rides!

Ride with Emily on a secret mission so dangerous that no man would dare risk it!

Find out what dangerous secret the young black slave, Elias is keeping. Is he really a British spy?

Hold your breath as the cultured son of a delegate, Nathan, cracks a secret code that could turn the tide of the American Revolution! But is Nathan really lying about  which side he is on?  

Find all this and more in a new action-packed serial story by award-winning author, Mary Maden. Freedom’s Children is a 12-chapter, 800 word historic fiction novel about our nation’s struggle for independence. Based on a the story of a real-life, 16-year old Patriot heroine, Emily Geiger, this fast-paced story will inspire and thrill readers of all ages.

“It could be dangerous…” Emily was scared. She couldn’t help it. Johnnie’s words kept ringing in her ears.”… It could be very dangerous!”  With these first words to the very last chapter, this historic fiction story will keep you in suspense.

From the shot heard round the world to Yorktown, our colonial forefathers fought and died so we could all be––Freedom’s Children!

 Freedom’s Children is all finished except for the study guide––so it won’t be long now!

 Download a sneak preview of Freedom’s Children:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Information Sheet





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