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NEW STORY!  Legend of the Pony's Tears
Theirs was a friendship that  would last forever!
Looking for a great Multi-Cultural story? Looking for something with Character Education?
You can have it all in this exciting new story!

12 chapters, 800 words, suggested audience 3rd grade and up. Read aloud all ages.

Set amidst the tragedy of the Trail of Tears, Legend of the Pony's Tears is the story of a Native American boy named Little Wolf and his friendship with a rogue Indian pony. Their loyalty and devotion is so strong that nothing can keep them apart! Their friendship lasts not just a lifetime, but forever.

Legend of the Pony's Tears is an exciting new multi-cultural serial story. This unique story is a mixture of Native American culture, legend, mythology and history. This moving tale has it all...drama, suspense, warmth, and great characters. This serial story is perfect for introducing your readers to the diverse Native American culture.

Subject: Native American culture, myth; history; friendship; prejudice; loyalty
Download Sample Chapters for Legend of the Pony's Tears
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Pony's Tears Info PDF

Sorry, Mary Maden's serial stories are not in book form or available to the general public;
they are only available for newspaper publication.

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