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  Petey's Secret Power
Sidney The Dancing Caterpillar
Freedom's Children
The Mystery of the Phantom Dog
The Mystery of Latham House
Legend of the Pony Tears
A Sea Turtle Story
The Great Manatee Rescue
Mystery of The Lost Colony
A Magical Beach Holiday
Dreams Come True

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Ghost from the PastGhost From The Past:
The Mystery of Latham House

In the market for a Mystery with Spine-Tingling Suspense? This award-winning serial story is for you!
It even has cliffhanger endings with each chapter.

12 chapters, average 900 words, suggested audience 3rd-9th grade. Read aloud all ages.

What hidden secrets lurk behind the rusty iron gates of the old abandoned estate? What really lies behind the dark windows of Latham House? Find out when you join Toby and Ali as they unravel clues to a hundred-year-old mystery.

What is the key that unlocks the clues to a terrible and tragic secret? What answers are to be found behind the door? Why is Latham House having such an effect on Toby? Are his nightmares real? Does the voice of a long-dead girl call out to him from beyond the grave? Is Latham House really haunted by a ghost from the past?

Ghost from the PastCome along on a thrilling journey into the past, and learn the answers for yourself. Open the door to a mystery… Open the door to--Latham House!

Subject: Mystery, Suspense; Family; Confidence; Friendship
Download Sample Chapters and Information Sheet for Latham House
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Information Sheet

Ghost from the PastGhost From The Past:
The Mystery of Latham Cottage

Same Great Story as Latham House... only with a Coastal setting and Beach appeal!

Download Sample Chapters and Information Sheet for Latham Cottage
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Information Sheet

Sorry, Mary Maden's serial stories are not in book form or available to the general public;
they are only available for newspaper publication.

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