Mary Maden is an award winning author, linguist, educator and speaker. Her popular books for young readers are published by Dog and Pony Publishing. Ms. Maden's books focus on coastal history and nature. Nearly a quarter million copies of Mary Maden's children's books are in print nationwide. Mary Maden grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee. At an early age, Ms. Maden had a talent and a passion for writing — she wrote her first short story at age 8. She also had a passion for school and entered East Tennessee State University at age 16. Ms. Maden loved college, but her desire to write proved stronger. At the ripe old age of 18, she decided to become a "real" writer. In 1974, she moved to Mallorca, Spain to pursue her dream.

Upon returning to the states, she continued her education taking classes in psychology and literature. In 1979, Ms. Maden enlisted in the Air Force as a Spanish linguist. She attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, where she graduated with honors. After the Air Force, Ms. Maden received a liberal arts degree with an emphasis on languages and psychology.

In 1984, Ms. Maden moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That move changed her life forever.

In the Spring of 1994, Ms. Maden's life took an unexpected turn. On a dock overlooking the Currituck sound she had an epiphany. She knew then she would write children's books. The ideas and stories for a book series came to her whole and complete.

The next year (1995), Mary Maden's children's books had become a reality. Flying High With the Wright Brothers and The Secret of Blackbeard's Treasure were published. Mary Maden was on her way to becoming a well known author. Fifteen books and scores of articles, radio interviews, TV interviews, and book signings later, Mary Maden has become a celebrity.

"Sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed by it all," confides Ms. Maden, "But when I meet the children who read my books, whether at book signings or on school tours, it gives me such joy! They (the children) are what this is all about."

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