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What’s New?

New Writing Workshop
Argh, Mateys! Shiver me Timbers! There be a Brand-New Writing Workshop!

Turn your mutinous crew into writers with
A Pirate’s Tale––an innovative new writing workshop for students, teachers––
or even your run-of-the mill Pirate!
Set sail on a fun filled Writing Adventure in this Pirate-themed workshop.
Ms. Maden, aka Captain Maden, (In pirate costume) will steer participants through the uncharted waters of creative writing.

Shanghaied by the Terror of the Seas himself––Blackbeard the pirate, everyone is now part of a literary crew aboard the famous pirate flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. The new crew has direct orders to help the legendary Blackbeard make his story, A Pirate’s Tale, a rousing success. Only problem is–-Blackbeard isn’t much of a writer!

If Blackbeard’s new crew fails at their task, they may face the famous pirate’s wrath–– and a long walk on a short plank!
Will the literary crew Sink or Swim?  Find out in this fun-filled workshop––A Pirate’s Tale!

Email for more information about this workshop.

Newspaper Serials: An Exciting Project for Mary Maden!
Ms. Maden not only writes children’s books, but serial novels for young readers called “serial stories.” To date, millions of readers have enjoyed Ms. Maden's serial stories in over two hundred newspapers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean!
Usually published one chapter per week in the newspaper, Mary Maden’s serial stories are a huge hit with readers–– young and old alike!

Ms. Maden’s serial stories are not just featured in the newspaper, but are also used as part of the curriculum in countless classrooms! In conjunction with the publication of each story, local teachers use the story and accompanying teacher’s guide to educate and entertain their students. 

Look for Mary Maden’s serial stories in your local newspaper! If your newspaper hasn't yet published one of Ms. Maden's stories and you would like to see them do so, contact your newspaper's Newspaper In Education Coordinator or Educational Services Manager.

Ask your newspaper to publish your favorite serial story by Mary Maden today!


New for Summer 2008!

Summer is a great time to catch some rays and Catch the Reading Bug! Catch the Reading Bug is the children’s theme selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program for libraries in over 40 states nationwide. Be sure to check out all the great things going on at your local library this summer! For more information check out the CSLP website at.!

Hot Off the Presses: Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar!

Catch the Reading Bug This Summer with a brand new serial story, Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar. This story is a perfect match to the Summer 2008 Library Reading Theme and is loads of fun to read!   


A New Serial Story is Coming! A New Serial Story is Coming!

Set during the Revolutionary War, Freedom’s Children, is the latest serial story by Mary Maden. This
blockbuster story is almost ready for publication. (Mary’s is currently creating a great Teacher’s Guide!) This exciting, 12-chapter historic fiction novel is a guaranteed good read.


Mary Maden's exciting serial stories include:

Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar
Freedom's Children

Ghost From the Past: The Mystery of Latham House
Ghost From the Past: The Mystery of the Phantom Dog
A Sea Turtle Story
Legend of the Pony's Tears
The Mystery of the Lost Colony
The Great Manatee Rescue
A Magical Beach Holiday
Dreams Come True
Please Note: These serial stories are exclusively for newspaper publication.

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