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Mary  Maden is proud that her books and serial stories
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 MARY MADEN AUTHOR - School Visits

Mary Maden - Outer Banks Adventures with Petey and Tazz and the Earth Ocean Adventures Series featuring manatees, shark and dolphin education story books for children of all ages 

Federal NCLB legislation has turned the educational focus heavily toward literacy education in schools.  Now, more than ever, it is important to bring an author to your school.

     Author visits are the ultimate literacy experience! An author visit with Mary Maden will help instill a love of reading in your students and engage each child with written texts on a meaningful personal level.

     Ms. Maden’s work ties in to learning standards, thus allowing teachers to work smarter, not harder.
Let a real author inspire your students! Award winning author, Mary Maden, offers dynamic, unique,
interactive and educational school programs and workshops designed to meet the needs of students
in grades K-5.

     “Anyone can learn to be a good writer!” is Mary Maden’s motto. Ms. Maden’s energy and enthusiasm will motivate your students to become better writers and readers in her interactive and lively workshops
So book your author visit with Mary Maden today! The opportunity to interact with a real author will give
your students the experience of a lifetime!

     A day visit includes up to three lively sessions, lunch with the author, and an autograph photo session per day. Two of Ms. Maden’s most popular offerings are: Pirate Tales! and A Pirate’s Tale. If these programs do not suit your needs, Ms. Maden, has other programs to offer, or let Mary Maden customize a program just for your school or classroom! Note: (Custom programs may be subject to an additional charge to Ms. Maden’s regular fee.)

                                         A Pirate’s Tale
                                        Writing Workshop for Grades 3-5
           Ahoy, mates! Turn your mutinous crew into writers with A Pirate’s Tale. Writing is smooth sailing when Author, Mary Maden is at the helm. Set sail on a rollicking, fun filled Writing Adventure in this Pirate-themed workshop. Ms. Maden, aka Captain Maden,  (In Pirate Costume) will steer your students through the uncharted––and sometimes scary waters of creative writing.

         Your students are Shanghaied by the Terror of the Seas himself––Blackbeard the pirate. Your students are now part of the literary crew aboard the famous pirate flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. They have direct orders to help the legendary Blackbeard make his story, A Pirate’s Tale, a rousing success. Only problem is–-Blackbeard isn’t much of a writer!

         If Blackbeard’s new crew fails at their task, they may face the famous pirate’s wrath–– and a long walk on a short plank!   Will your students Sink or Swim?  Find out in this fun-filled workshop––
A Pirate’s Tale!

                                          Pirate Tales!
                     All Grades Pre-K–5

This presentation can be done as an assembly for very large groups! Program Synopsis:
Introduce your students to history, pirate facts and legend, and new vocabulary with this fun program!
Author, Mary Maden––in pirate costume–– shares exciting true tales of pirates such as Blackbeard!
Includes a sing along of the author’s original pirate songs and a reading
from her book,  The Great Pirate Adventure.

Pirate Tales! Program integrates English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Arts Education. 30-35 minutes average. Suitable for elementary students in grades K - 5.

Note: This program contains accurate historical information. It can be tailored to meet the needs of all students in grades pre-K through 5th by adjusting the content. Ask for details!

      In the Classroom...
   Mary Maden is a sought-after guest speaker.
Mary visits schools and libraries all over the country.  Ms. Maden specializes in educational school programs for grades K-5. 
Mary has other programs to choose from or customize your own!

To invite Mary Maden to your school or for more information on
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