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Ms. Maden's work is used in thousands of classrooms through "Newspapers In Education" programs.

Mary Maden the Author

Newspapers In Education (NIE) programs within newspapers provide free or low-cost, educational materials and newspapers to classrooms all over the US-indeed throughout the world. These newspapers give children and adults alike great tools for learning and literacy. "The best serial stories you'll ever read!"


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Newspapers In Education

Newspapers in Education

A Great New Source for Serial Stories… Quality Serials
by Mary Maden

"The best serial stories you'll ever read!"

A recent resurgence of a wonderful tradition in newspaper publishing is the serial story.
Serial stories are short novels published in installments within the newspaper.

What is NIE's "Best Kept Secret?"

Award-winning author, Mary Maden, wrote her first serial story, Ghost From the Past: The Mystery of Latham House, for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia. The response was nothing short of phenomenal! The Pilot reported a whopping 366% percent increase in NIE circulation over previous serial stories! To date, Ghost From the Past is the most successful promotion of its kind in the history of the Virginian-Pilot. After an article about Ghost From the Past's success appeared in an SNPA publication, Mary Maden's phone began to ring off the hook!

Since then, Ms. Maden's stories have been marketed by word of mouth. Many NIE professionals report that her serials have been the most successful serials to run in their NIE programs, hands down beating out other competitors' serials in popularity and circulation numbers! Mary Maden has been called, "the master of the cliffhanger ending." Some NIE professionals simply say that Mary Maden's stories are "the best serials I have ever read!" From small newspapers to large, from coast to coast and beyond, Mary Maden's serial stories have become NIE's "Best Kept Secret!"

There's a Dynamic New Source for Serial Stories!

You just can't go wrong with a Quality Serials story by Mary Maden! Ms. Maden has become a master at producing compelling, continuing stories that keep the reader's interest from beginning to end. Ms. Maden uses cliffhanger endings and dramatic interruptions to keep the anticipation going chapter-to-chapter, week-to-week. The anticipation factor gives reading a Quality Serials story that extra punch.

Quality Serials by Mary Maden, has several exciting serial stories for newspaper publication. All of these successful stories are written expressly for publication in newspapers. Below is a list of Mary Maden's current serial stories:

Sorry, Mary Maden's serial stories are not in book form or available to the general public;
they are only available for newspaper publication.

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> Petey's Secret Power

> Sidney the Dancing Caterpillar

> Freedom's Children
Ghost from the Past
> The Mystery of the Phantom Dog > The Mystery of Latham House > Legend of the Pony's Tears
A Sea Turtle Story The Great Manatee Rescue The Mystery of the Lost Colony
> A Sea Turtle Story > The Great Manatee Rescue > The Mystery of the Lost Colony
A Magical Beach Holiday Dreams Come True: The Story of the First Flight  
> A Magical Beach Holiday > Dreams Come True



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