Mary Maden Children's Books - Hurricane!


Another Petey and Tazz wild Adventure that's guaranteed to blow you away! Get hit by wave after wave of action and fun.

Mary Maden - Coastal History Adventures with Petey and Tazz and the Earth Ocean Adventures SeriesLearn all about hurricanes from the expert — a great brown pelican named "Old Gus."
Find out how Old Gus and "those Weather Service Boys" predict hurricanes.
Hear accounts of such legendary hurricanes as Hazel, Camille, Hugo, Emily,
Fran and more.

Hurricane! is filled with fun, facts, and nonstop excitement!
So come along…let Hurricane! sweep you away.

ISBN #0-890479-53-5 (Note: This book is suitable for all readers.
It’s not scary––just fun!)

Soft Cover with full color illustrations. $5.95
Suggest Audience: Ages 5 yrs.–10 yrs.



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