Mary Maden Children's Books - The Great Shark Adventure

         ISBN 1-890479-67-5
The Great Shark Adventure

Dive in and explore the mysterious undersea world of sharks! Join Jamie and is friend
Sam on an exciting adventure.. A Great Shark Adventure!

Jamie has one passion in life--sharks! But his best friend, a girl named Sam, doesn't share Jamie's interest in sharks. As a matter of fact, Sam thinks sharks are scary!

Then, Jamie and Sam meet Mr. Jones, a shark researcher. He tells them all about his
exciting work with sharks. Even Sam is interested! But will she change her mind about
sharks? Find out if Sam has a change of heart!

The Great Shark Adventure is an exciting story filled with beautiful, accurate images of sharks and fascinating facts.
A great read for all shark lovers and for those not so sure about sharks, too!
Are sharks really "terrors of the deep?" Find out for yourself in this books special Shark "Finformation" section. Learn all about sharks when you browse through the special education section filled with fun facts and cool websites to explore!


Suggested Audience: Ages 5 yrs. - 10 yrs.
Soft Cover with full color illustrations. $5.95



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