Mary Maden Children's Books - The Great Pirate Adventure

Mary Maden - Coastal History Adventures with Petey and Tazz and the Earth Ocean Adventures SeriesThe Great Pirate Adventure

Arrghh, Mateys! Hoist up the Jolly Roger and set sail with Petey and Tazz in their most exciting adventure ever! Let them take you back to a time when pirates ruled the seas.

Join Mortimer T. Tortuga (or Mort for short), the most famous turtle in all of turtle history and Chee Chee, the monkey, on an incredible journey. Come along on a real pirate ship and meet some of the most famous pirates of all time. (Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonney, Mary Read to name a few.)

This swashbuckling tale is full of action, fun, pirates, pirates, and more pirates! So all you lads and lassies take heed — this book is guaranteed good read!

ISBN #0-890479-56-x
Suggested Audience: Ages  5 yr. - 10 yrs.
Soft Cover with full color illustrations — $5.95



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