Mary Maden Children's Books - The Great Manatee Rescue

The Great Manatee Rescue

Join Ali on the adventure of a lifetime! Ali moves from the mountains to the coast.
She has a tough time adjusting to her new environment until she meets some unique inhabitants of her new neighborhood ó a mother manatee and her baby!

Ali finds a "secret place"... a nearby canal that is home to these very special animals.
Ali spends hours at her "secret place" observing the manatees. With the help of her friend Einstein and her teacher, Mrs. Fields, Ali learns all about manatees. Then one day something terrible happens to shatter Ali's secret world! Find out how Ali uses her knowledge about manatees and a special 800 number
to save the day. Learn all about the gentle manatees and the efforts to save this endangered animal in this unique action-packed adventure!
Includes a special educational section filled with fascinating and informative facts about this very special creature. Contains
a "To the Rescue..." page about manatee rescue and rehabilitation. Also has listings for suggested web sites to browse.

ISBN #0-890479-58-6
Suggest Audience: Ages 6 yrs - 11 yrs.
Soft Cover with full color illustrations. $5.95



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