Mary Maden Children's Books - The Dolphin Adventure (Touched by a Dolphin)


Mary Maden - Coastal History Adventures with Petey and Tazz and the Earth Ocean Adventures SeriesThe Dolphin Adventure (Touched by a Dolphin)

Kelly loves dolphins more than anything in the world. She spends hours researching and drawing dolphins. Her friends say Kelly is "dolphin crazy!" Her one dream is to touch a dolphin! One day her dream comes true!

Through an educational program, Kelly gets up close and personal with a real life dolphin! Share the wonder of an encounter with one of nature's most fascinating creatures. Learn
all about dolphins in this exciting and factual book. You too can be "touched by a dolphin!" Includes a special educational section with dolphin facts, Difficult Dolphin Definitions, and
a list of suggested web sites to browse!

ISBN #0-890479-59-4
Suggest Audience: Ages 6 yrs. - 11 yrs.
Soft Cover with full color illustrations — $5.95


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